Manhattan Beach Day!

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I lordags bestamde vi oss for att dra ihop en beachday picknick. Sagt och gjort kopte alla med sig lite mat, dryck och mottes upp nere i Manhattan Beach. Det har varit sa varmt i LA pa sistone sa att sitta nere vid vattnet och kanna havsvindarna var perfekt. Vi var dar fran 2pm tills solen gick ner och det var san otroligt rolig dag <3, och togs manga bilder.. sa har kommer dom! 
some of the picknic food and some of the ppl, more of both joined later on ;)
perfect weather - not a single cloud in sight 
A in his red lifeguard shorts :P 
the water was so warm 
under the manhattan beach pier 
perfect photo op 
beach crew selfie 
beach was packed with ppl
A not quite ready for the selfie lol 
sun about so set.. 
perfect sunset lighting 
and that required a timed group pic 
such a fun group! 
beach hair dont care 
trying to catch the sunlight before its gone 
bye bye sun... 
a little romantic stroll on the beach 
watching the last minutes of the sunset 
great beach day came to an end.. until next time!

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